Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Few Thoughts

So I'm sitting here (wet, freshly showered, tangled hair wearing hello kitty pjs and all) in bed trying to concentrate on tomorrow's presentation after a whole 10 hour day [and after slaving over the kitchen stove to prepare dinner for my boyfriend and myself]. Ha! Good luck concentrating, right? So far it's been about a 40 hour week...and it's only Thursday. 

-Aloe vera doesn't cure hives (don't ask. In a nutshell, I think I'm allergic to this house). Cortisone will help and it is in the medicine and drugs section. But I guess I'm the only person that knows that...and would bother to ask for help if I couldn't find a household staple at the drug store.
-Broken. I'm not trying to count but it's obvious now. 1 month and two weeks to be exact.
-I cut my hair last weekend. A whole 10 inches. *Gasp. And get this: I love it.
-If I ask for it, it's not a nice gesture, it's just an order that is being obeyed.
-I like cologne.

Right before I chopped off 75% of my daily life. Out with the old.

Random thoughts written down something shed light on what our hearts feel but our minds won't dare say aloud.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Travel: Barcelo Maya Resort//Mayan Riviera Trip 2012

First trip of the year. This was definitely an awesome one. I totally recommend the luxury resort, Barcelo Maya. We were all treated like kings and queens, the unlimited drinks and food were amazing, and although the resort was completely secluded behind gated doors, we were just hours away from Cancun, the Chichen Itza (one of the seven new wonders of the world), Xel Ha, and the list goes on.

Below are a few pictures of my trip for you to enjoy :).

Picture of the Day: YOLO

So I'm sick at home today. Completely bed ridden and missing a very important client meeting. I can't sleep because I feel a little bad for my team as they must fill in the gaps without me. Sometimes I need to remind myself that I am not superhuman and that it's OK to take a break. :)

You only live once, right? This picture below which Garrick took while we were in Mexico last month is of me cliff diving. Insanely awesome experience. I swear I would have done it again if it hadn't been for my knees clanking and my exhilarated body shivering at the thought.

Monday, January 2, 2012


2011 was filled with ups and downs. To keep my spirits up, I went to Vegas a record three times that year (yes, three). I barely left the nest when I found out I was sick, so I guess I had my fair share of partying, only maximized as it was Vegas style ;). Here are just a couple of shots from my three trips there. 

BR sandals, F21 shorts, PINK VS off the shoulder cropped shirt, VS bikini top
Bebe dress, Christian Louboutin Pumps, Marc Jacobs patent leather quilting bag
Bebe lace dress, BR bracelet, Aldo nude pumps, YSL patent leather clutch

Marc by Marc Jacobs oversized sunglasses, VS coral bikini top

Love my girls <3

It's 2012 and I'm Alive!

F21 top, Express high waisted skirt, rose gold watch from Macy's,
BP gold plated necklace, Joan & David bow shoes
Ace of Spades, Moet, and Ciroc were
my poisons of choice to toast in the new year 

Happy New Year! <3

I know, you thought I've fallen off the face of the earth. Well, I'm here to break the good news to you that I did not explode when the 2012 ball dropped a couple of days ago ;). With that said, here are a few of my new year's resolutions that I hope to keep and accomplish in 2012:

  1. Kick Graves Disease in the butt (which would explain my lack of posts in 2011)
  2. Travel to at least three new countries in 2012; the line up so far consists of Mexico, Singapore, and Indonesia 
  3. Set clear work boundaries to maintain balance in life (I've definitely lost control of this in 2011. Though I've reached my career goals in 2011, in turn, I've lost a bit of myself. What I've learned? Balance is absolutely key)
  4. Clear mind, open heart <3 

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Obsessions

Trader Joes Maple Syrup and Pecan Cluster Granola, Teuscher Chocolates, Illamasqua nail polish in Stagnate, Givenchy Primer + my new NARS foundation to replace my old Dior combo

Yummy in My Tummy: DarTealing

I absolutely ADORE this place. Located in the most unsuspecting of places; the corner of a small back-alley type street underneath a freeway overpass completely secluded from the hustle and bustle of the SOMA; this tea house is on my list of favorite places to nibble and gossip over tea with a couple of your closest girlfriends. Read my full review here.

Bullet Point Your Life Challenge

So, I've been seeing this blogosphere trend lately about summarizing your day in bullet points. Well, I've been so MIA on this thing that I've decided to bullet point my life (as much as I possibly can) from March to the present. Here goes nothing!

  • 26exy; Thai with friends & a 180 degree view of SF
  • Yoga. Hiking. Combined
  • DC & NY
  • Baking; extraordinarily
  • Moving. Changing. Come January 2012
  • Hello Kitty has taken over my life
  • PR, PR, PR. More or less
  • Yelp Elite. Cool kids club
  • Breakdown
  • Rebuild
  • Breakdown
  • Rebuilding
  • Fafi attack @ B2B
  • Stagnate nails & NARS & Givenchy
  • Shopping. Theory & BR wasted
  • Cakepops galore
  • I should be the next face of Banana Republic
  • Freakishly tall
  • En route to Vegas

I love my life. <3

Thursday, March 24, 2011


"Everything in life in temporary. Therefore, perception > reality. Keep believing your perception and it will become your reality" -word. by me.

Actually went out for the first time (minus business related functions) in 3 months last weekend. I've been laying low, focusing mainly on my health; both mental and physical. And, to my astonishment, I think those 3 months of being cooped inside have payed off. My thyroid levels are normal, the swelling around my face has gone down a tad, my hair doesn't feel as brittle as it did a couple of months ago, my nails are sturdier than ever, and get this, I'm not infinitely hot and sweaty anymore, quite the contrary now; I am freezing. The only thing that hasn't changed is my weight. Despite my never ending yoga classes and weekly workouts, this part of me has remained stagnant. I am happy nonetheless though :). 

Anyway, back to the point. Last weekend I dove into a deep conversation with a friend about the idea of beauty. Funny how life hands you curve balls. Just a year ago I was preaching about confidence. My whole life I was praised for my self confidence. And, for the very first time in my life (since my tween years at least) I find myself second guessing, feeling self conscious about my body, and actually worrying about how I may appear to others. This is something I am still coping with and am dealing day by day. I think I'm doing very good considering my situation :). "What people think about me is none of my business" More words to live by. 

Taking this rare opportunity to reinvent myself. Next time I'll post, I'm sure it'll be about my wonderful birthday and trips to DC and NY. Stay tuned. xoxo Jas.

p.s. enjoy a brief picture update below. until next time!

My humble collection. Running out of space <3
Never thought I'd be excited to receive a new pair of Nikes! I heart them  so much.
"Too bad I'm not hipster"
Even I can see the beauty in the most unlikely of climates.
Soon it will be Spring, then Summer, and then harvest season.